1.) Sit in your A/C like a Boss

Don't worry about the electricity bill - that's why you have air conditioning - to condition the air. And boy, does this air need conditioning!

2.) Go for a Swim

Whether in a lake, in a pool, or at the public swimming hole, go for a dip to escape the heat. 

3.) Stalk the Ice Cream Truck

So maybe don't harass the good humor man, but choose some icy treat to cool down with. The popsicle in the back of the freezer will do nicely. 

4.) Give your Feet a Bath

Fun fact: cooling down the hands and feet is the fastest way to feel relief. Soak your tootsies in cold water, or run your wrists under cold water for 10 seconds. 

5.) Mist Yourself

When all else fails, a handy spray bottle filled with cold water will be your best friend.

Remember, STAY HYDRATED! And stay inside whenever possible!